Meant to Bee Honey

Meant to Bee™ is a South African based for-profit honey processing and wholesale enterprise that prides itself in providing unadulterated superior honey.

The Story that is ‘Meant To Bee’

It's Beelieving in SME’s

Meant to Bee™ was established to respond to the challenges faced by small and emerging beekeepers in South Africa. As a result, SMEs form the core of our business model and make up the largest source of honey and beeswax.

Our Story
Our Story

Our Products

Bulk honey

The business currently focuses on the production of raw bulk packaged honey. Raw in this sense refers to honey that has not been pasteurised. The honey, once extracted from the hive, undergoes basic processing which includes spinning and the filtration of fine particulates out of the honey. The honey is then poured into 290 litre barrels and sealed for transport.


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Wholesale products

Our flagship product is bottled honey for the retail market. The honey comprises of table honey, creamed honey, and comb/chunk honey. We shall soon be introducing a unique range of multi-floral honey flavours, with variants planned for the retail market being lavender honey, eucalyptus honey, fynbos honey, and citrus honey amongst others.

Honey presents a diverse product offering for Meant To Bee and investigations are already underway to provide niche product opportunities in the food and beverage sector, and opportunities in the cosmetics sector.

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